Sugar Syrup / Molasses

We are the first refinery to venture into this innovative production of refinery by-product; it is derived from the crystallization of sucrose out of melted raw sugar at first crystallization of sucrose. Therefore, the total sugar as invert and sucrose are much higher than in normal molasses. Furthermore, to extract more sucrose from the run off several chemicals are added which would be finally mixed with final output, hence enhances its quality and making it an excellent blend of several macro and micro minerals.

Comparing normal molasses our Sugar Syrup / Molasses has no burnt or dark caramelized sugars and lesser ash contents giving it a brighter color which is highly accepted by animals. It is equally nutritive to be used in different feeding systems like Total Mixed Ration (TMR), Pellet or Crumble feeds, lick blocks or to be feed as liquid.

The main application of this product is in the animal feeds sector due to its rich energy content. The product is also being currently used in other fields such as construction chemicals.

Parameter Normal Value
Brix % 75% (Min)
pH 5 - 6
Total Sugar /as Invert 62% (Min)
Sucrose 45% (Min)
Ash(Brix) 12%
Total digestible nutrients for ruminants 80%

Available in following packages

The product is sold in bulk tankers, steel barrels and is also available in Intermediate Bulk containers (IBC).

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